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Amaris Prince​

​​Bridges to Tajikistan partially funded a Mosaic grant to support an intern visiting Tajikistan in the summer of 2015 under America's Unofficial Ambassadors Internship program.
Bridges is now a partner with America’s Unofficial Ambassadors (AUA), a citizen diplomacy initiative aimed at countering violent extremism before it can take hold, working at the grassroots level throughout the Muslim World. AUA sends Americans to volunteer in areas of human development in communities throughout Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.  They sent three interns to Tajikistan in 2015. Bridges was invited to help with the selection process.  We are pleased to announce that the Bridges to Tajikistan intern for 2015 was Amaris Prince of Guilford College in North Carolina.  Amaris grew up in The Bronx and is a Jamaican American.  She traveled to Tajikistan in May and interned at the Bactria Cultural Center and at the Dushanbe Boarding School.

Bridges also supplied partial scholarship support to Samantha Falvey, a senior at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) where she has discovered new worlds, ideas and goals. In her application essay she said: “I know I will gain practical experience I can apply to my future goal of becoming a university professor; but also it will give me the chance to understand a world outside my own that I could never appreciate without this kind of immediate experience.”  She graduated as a history major with a minor in Arabic.

Kenneth Estrada

Bridges is delighted to once again partner with America’s Unofficial Ambassadors in their work to enhance mutual understanding and advance people-to-people partnerships.  We are providing a partial scholarship for Kenneth Estrada, a junior English student at The College of New Jersey with minors in linguistics and history.  He is currently an English as Foreign Language instructor at the Bactria Cultural Center in Dushanbe.  
In addition, he will be serving as the communications intern for the Tajik Community Based Tourism Association (TCBTA), an organization based in the Bactria Cultural Centre.  The Centre seeks to consolidate community-based tourism in Tajikistan (rather than seek services from tourism operators) in order to mobilize a Tajik workforce, including women, rural communities, and other local organizations and businesses, that strengthens Tajikistan's tourist sector.  He will be assisting with grant proposals and updating their website to enhance awareness of the Association.