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​Bridges helped select a grant recipient of a America's Unofficial Ambassadors internship who in the summer of 2015 studied in Tajikistan. Further, a partial scholarship was been given to a second recipient.


Award winning documentary film maker, Chris Schueler, visited Tajikistan in 2015 and 2016.  Future plans include a documentary of a famous Tajik scientist and humanitarian, Muhammad Osimi.

Our Mission

Elisabeth I. Millard has recently accepted appointment as the new US Ambassador to Tajikistan. Bridges to Tajikistan looks forward to working with Ambassador Millard. Learn more about the Ambassador

Harmodoni Muzafar ​been awarded first prize in the Teaching Changes Lives Competition for 2016. This means he is entitled to a place on the 2016 Oxford English Language Teachers’ Academy Summer School, held at Worcester College in Oxford.​​

Bridges to Tajikistan has issued its May 2017 Newsletter, and you can still see its  December 2016 NewsletterSign Up to receive newsletters and updates.

We have an update on activities at the Zumrad Learning Center in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

Bridges to Tajikistan hosted our fourth Open World delegation Oct. 1-9, 2016. The theme of the group was Accountable Governance -- Engaging Youth in Civil Society. Learn More

The Hamadoni Muzafar Learning Center and Study the Planet have new projects for youth activities and for family life education. Learn More 

New Children's Songs and Stories and Fairy Tales in Tajik  and Pamiri Languages have been added to our website.

Bridges to Tajikistan is committed to creating sustainable international connections between people in Tajikistan and the United States to further the educational and other opportunities for young Tajiks and advance mutual understanding and a sense of our shared humanity and common future. 

Bridges to Tajikistan and one of America's Unofficial Ambassadors, Kenneth Estrada, publishes article in the Daily Record New Jersey media about sites to visit in Tajikistan. Access the article here.