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Library Building:  We sent several shipments of requested English language learning books and materials plus picture books and classic fiction—including hard copy books and  electronic e-books loaded with more than 100 titles.

​Scholarships: Bridges to Tajikistan provided three small scholarships for teachers to attend the Central Asian Teachers of English Conference 14 in Dushanbe.  Dr.Cristyn Elder, a professor from University of New Mexico (UNM), was one of the trainers and delivered books to our delegates. ​

2015 Calendar: In collaboration with Bakhriddin Isamutdinov, Director of the Tourism Development Center of Tajikistan, we developed the first pictorial calendar for sale in the US to promote tourism in Tajikistan. 

In collaboration with Caritas Germany and the Tajik NGO Zumrad, and with generous financial support from the Rotary Club of Albuquerque Rio Grande, Bridges to Tajikistan provided learning materials and furnishings for a Learning Resources Center for students  in  the orphanage system (closed, “Internat” boarding schools) in the Dushanbe area.   Zumrad mainly works with students age 15-18 studying in the Internat boarding schools, but it also works with a small number of children ages birth to 10, who are the children of single mothers with an Internat background. While the mothers are engaged with their own educational activities, the Zumrad playroom provides educational activities for the children.

The Learning Resources Center now hosts language classes in English, Russian and Tajik, reading clubs, discussion clubs, music and arts programs, as well as providing various training classes and seminars for the children from the orphanages/ Internat schools.  Many thanks to our partner Lola Raimbekova (formerly with Caritas Germany in Dushanbe) for putting this proposal together and bringing it to life. ​

“Our organization extends its gratitude for you support to launch the Learning Resources Center. We have renovated and the children have the opportunity to hold meetings, seminars, plan their work and simply socialize with each other. All the educational resources are being widely used.  Even the little  children have started to learn English as well as reading the books  and use the painting materials we got due to your support.  The LRC even has a small library where the young adults can check out books and do their homework.  We can see how motivated the young adults and children are to learning now, they love to come together and  spend time in the LRC.  Many learned how to use the camera [donated as part of Chris Schueler’s visit to Tajikistan] and now we have many videos of our events. We are working on including different activities in the LRC in the future.”  (Margarita Voitova, Director of Zumrad.)