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​During the 2014-15 school year, Albuquerque, New Mexico high school students at La Cueva High School and Tajik high school age students at the Intellectual and Educational Center “Dono” in Khujand, Tajikistan are engaged in a letter writing exchange program sponsored by our partner Global One to One. Global One to One is a program that empowers youth by developing essential life skills such as global competency, effective communication, intercultural understanding, and critical thinking.

Enjoy a glimpse of the relationships being created by students who live on opposite sides of the globe through this sample of their letters. Earlier in 2014, Bridges to Tajikistan was also able to help facilitate informal pen pal relationships between University of New Mexico students and students at the American Corner in Garm, Tajikistan, as well as between high school students at Queensland Academies on the Gold Coast of Australia and students at the American Corner in Garm.