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These unique high quality, hand crafted products may be purchased on HoonArts’ online store


Working with Bakhriddin Isamutdinov, Director of the Tourism Development Center of Tajikistan, Bridges to Tajikistan has begun an effort to promote tourism and Tajik handicrafts in the US market. Bakhriddin was one of the Tajik delegates who visited Albuquerque as part of the 2014 Open World delegation on “NGO Development” hosted by Bridges to Tajikistan.  

Bakhriddin is an accomplished photographer, and shared some of his photographs of his beautiful native country for inclusion in the 2015 Bridges to Tajikistan calendar, “Tajikistan-Heart of the Great Silk Road.” This calendar, which had been offered for sale by Bridges to Tajikistan, is intended to promote tourism in Tajikistan, as well as serve as a fundraiser to support Bridges to Tajikistan’s many projects.

Bridges to Tajikistan has also provided initial support for the creation of a new Tajik handicrafts Fair Trade import business, “HoonArts.” (“HoonArts”, a name developed in coordination with Bakhriddin, the Chairman of the Union of Craftsmen of Tajikistan, and a Tajik-English interpreter, is the fusion of the Tajik word “hoonar” or “hunar”, meaning “art” or “craft”, and the English word “arts”.)  Inspired by the example of the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market , the largest handicrafts market in the world, HoonArts is dedicated to bringing unique, high quality handmade arts and crafts from Tajikistan to the US market for the first time, using Fair Trade principles.  

HoonArts has  begun importing hand-carved combs and other small hand carved products, small ceramic items, felted animals, kundal paintings, Pamir slipper socks, ikat tableware and pillows, and other high quality handcrafted products.  HoonArts is owned and operated by Bridges to Tajikistan Co-Founder, Rikki Quintana.  

For current information on HoohArts activities, Rikki's blog, and where to find her retail booth locations, visit the website.